[horde] RE: [ALERT] Fatal error: (Apologies)

Ivan Zilic Schmidt - Maingroup Inc. ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Fri Dec 5 08:38:30 PST 2003

the easy way is http://mydomain.xx/horde/test.php it prints the version number
and it has a link to test imp that gives version number

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Quoting Amith Varghese <amith at xalan.com>:

> | Did the best I could.  How do you find out what version?
> | I don't see an "About" button anywhere.  Nope, just poked around
> | and don't see any "version" info anywhere.
> Do you have shell access to your IP?  Can you look at the php files that make
> up
> IMP?  If you can, you want to look in horde/imp/lib/version.php.  If you
> don't
> have access... i'm not sure if there is a way to find out the version. 
> Perhaps
> all the version.php files should print something out so that end users can
> find
> out version numbers?  (and yes, I'll send the patch if everyone thinks it is
> a
> good idea)
> | Hey, like I said. Maybe I've woofing up the wrong tree.
> | But the ISP gave me this list and said
> |
> |    "Go here to find out how the filters work."
> |
> | So, here I am.  How do the filters work?
> Based on your situation it seems that you are paying an ISP to provide a
> web
> e-mail interface.  Your definitely not paying the Horde folks...  If this
> is
> the case your ISP has the responsibility to fix the problem (even if it is
> not
> their code).  If they are profiting off the use Horde software, that's
> fine.
> But they need to provide the support for it as well.  To offload the problem
> on
> you is completely unfair.  Any ISP who won't support the products that they
> give to their clients to use doesn't deserve your business.  Just because
> it's
> free software doesn't let them off the hook.
> Personally I use qmail and rblsmtpd.  I have rblsmtpd use spamcop to deny
> connections to the server from know spammers.  Even after this i get maybe
> 10-20  a day.  Using SpamAssassin after that marks about 90%+ correctly as
> SPAM.  SpamAssassin adds "SPAM:" to the subject line which I use Ingo to
> filter
> (i'm using CVS HEAD). Occasionally one slips by, but it's not that much of
> a
> problem for me.  I control my own machine so I am able to set all this up. 
> If
> your ISP is unwilling to do anything about the SPAM problem, you should
> consider switching ISPs... you'll be better off in the long run.
> Amith
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