[horde] Re: Unable to load the definition of Turba_Driver_

Hardik Pandya hbpandya at gnvfc.net
Mon Jan 12 03:26:03 PST 2004

Thanx for the input. Actually the sources.php had few commented "/* ---*/"

One more thing to ask, after upgradation to Turba: 1.2.1, i need to put hash
against following entries as earlier turba_objects table in MySql DB does
not have these entries. If i upload the newer turba_objects table to MySql
DB, it will overwrite the earlier feeded entries. Is there any way out that
i can upload newer table without loosing older entries of Addresses.
    'map' => array(
        '__key' => 'object_id',
        '__owner' => 'owner_id',
//        '__type' => 'object_type',
//        '__members' => 'object_members',
        'name' => 'object_name',
        'email' => 'object_email',
        'homeAddress' => 'object_homeaddress',
        'workAddress' => 'object_workaddress',
        'homePhone' => 'object_homephone',
        'workPhone' => 'object_workphone',
        'cellPhone' => 'object_cellphone',
        'fax' => 'object_fax',
        'title' => 'object_title',
        'company' => 'object_company',
        'notes' => 'object_notes'



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