[horde] updating config files

Daniel Eckl daniel.eckl at gmx.de
Mon Jan 12 14:18:35 PST 2004

Am Montag, 12. Januar 2004 21:37 schrieb Adrian DeBoer:
> yes, i have setup the stable version before, but CVS
> has the feature everyone craves...shared calendars..

Well, choose your poison.

> So, do I need to update?.  If so, how - do I download
> the absolute latest conf.php.dist??, and what other
> files should I update?, etc.

The CVS HEAD version is, as said befor, work in progress. It is possible that 
you have to update every day, noone knows.

Well, the main config is this conf.php in horde/config. This one you have to 
edit manually.

After that all the other configs are made through the horde configuration 
module after you logged in as administrator user.

Sometimes (very rare) you have to update your database tables if some new ones 
have been added to the code.
If you want to keep your database contents then you have to do this manually 
(phpmyadmin etc.pp.), if not, you can delete the whole database and recreate 
it with the new scripts.


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