[horde] _username_hook_tobackend Problem

Mike Bydalek mbydalek at zivix.com
Tue Jan 13 19:03:01 PST 2004

I finally had time to sit down and just fix this for me.  To give some more
information, I cvs twice a day generally, so I'm pretty current.  I have an
LDAP backend which I authenticate against and use the to/from backend hooks.

Below is a patch that now works and allows users to be placed into groups
where "Set Permissions" will now see them.  Hope this is a start to a "real"


*** /web/data/vhosts/wallace/horde.thewallacepack.net/public_html/lib/Group.php
 Tue Jan 13 13:57:16 2004
--- lib/Group.php   Tue Jan 13 21:30:19 2004
*** 344,349 ****
--- 344,353 ----
          static $cache;

+         include_once HORDE_BASE . "/config/hooks.php";
+         if (function_exists ('_username_hook_tobackend'))
+             $user = _username_hook_tobackend ($user);
          if (empty($cache[$user])) {
              $criteria = array(
                  'AND' => array(

Quoting Mike Bydalek <mbydalek at zivix.com>:

> I seem to be having some problems with the to/from backend hooks with
> admin/groups.php.  It seems that they are not working correctly when adding a
> user to a group.
> Example:
> john logs in, and the to backend tacks on a '@domain.com' to his Horde
> $userID.  Kronolith, IMP, Turba etc. all store information
> using 'john at domain.com,' but when trying to add 'john' to some group, it's
> stored as just 'john' instead of 'john at domain.com'  In Mnemo say, the notepad
> list query just searches for privs of user 'john at domain.com', but since the
> only group memberships are for the user 'john' it returns an empty set.
> If I weren't getting married this week, I'd probably sit down and figure it
> out, but I just don't have the time and knowledge about these hooks to do it.
> I believe it's a bug, but if not, please let me know what I need to configure
> or do to get this working correctly.
> Thank you,
> Mike
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