[horde] Re: [imp] IMP language selection not workin (IE)

Federico Petronio fpetronio at petrus.agro.uba.ar
Fri Jan 16 10:05:05 PST 2004

Federico Petronio wrote:

> Hi.. I saw some mails regarding issues about Solaris 8 and the
> translation to other language than English not working.
> I would like to know what is the cause and how can be solved.

I don't know exacly what the problems is, but I know it is related with
the "expected language" that client ask to the server. If that is too
especific and Horde does not habe the apropiate alias to a know language
response in English.

So, in my case, the es_AR was send to horde I solve the problem seting:

	$nls['aliases']['es'] = 'es-AR';

and to get a more general solution I finally set:

	$nls['aliases']['es'] = 'es-*';

in horde/config/land.php

Hope this help to oders with the same problem.

PD: I olso had to install some 'locale' packages.
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