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Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Feb 18 15:10:24 PST 2004

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 Betreff: RE: [horde] Horde 3.0 & PHP5
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> No, it currently segfaults with some of our MIME code. This
> has yet to be
> fixed in PHP.

ok, fine. Without using mime (only pop3 in IMP), it will work, then?

> The support is experimental but should be feature complete.
> Testing and
> feedback would be great.

great! I'm not yet using subversion, but as soon as I will, I'll give you
feedback if there are any issues.

> docs/INSTALL. Beside that documentation for Horde 3 has yet
> to be written.
> Contributions are welcome.

has any member already written a small tutorial?

> >   What's about the new xml configuration files? Is there a graphical
> >   front-end to edit them or do I need to edit them manually
> >   (in this case I'd prefer de old .conf files)
> Yes.

so, yes means "graphical frontend"?

> > - What's about horde/lib/Horde.php, where has it gone?
> To the framework module as most of the libraries.

thanks, found it. Guess I'd first run install-packages.php before asking any

take care

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