[horde] Problem with PEAR...

Manfred Gnädig rp40265 at rp-plus.de
Fri Feb 20 08:38:18 PST 2004

i am verry Sorry about my bad english,
thats whey i will write only a short message.

I trie to install HORDE and IMP on a Debian Woody.
I have also install apt-get install pear-php4

But i still get this in the test.php

    * PEAR - No
    * Check your PHP include_path setting to make sure it has the PEAR library 
    * Recent PEAR - No
    * Mail - No
    * Mail_Mime - No
    * Log - No
    * DB - No
    * Net_Socket - No
    * Date - No
    * HTML_Common/HTML_Select - No
    * Unknown error: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong 
directory (/var/www/web4/html/webmail/horde-2.2/test.php:201)

I trie to install Horde manualy because the Debian horde Packet is in a verry 
old Version. How can i setup my php that this is working?
Have i got to add something in my php.ini ?

How can i fix this Problem?

Thanks verry mutch fore your Help
Best Wishes from Aachen (Germany)

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