[horde] Horde is really really slow on my machine.

Christopher Huyler chris at huyler.net
Tue Mar 2 05:05:55 PST 2004

> Have you compiled PHP with mcrypt?  This can make a big difference.

What is mcrypt and how does it affect my performance?

> You could also try a php accelerator ;)

Done.  Downloaded and installed the ionCube PHP Accelerator.  It didn't
speed anything up that I could tell, but I am just using the default
settings for now. I'll do some tweaking later.

I also recompiled uw-imap with SSLTYPE=unix.  This gives me the option to
turn of SSL.  I swapped between "993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert" and
"143/imap/notls" but that wasn't the problem.

Finally, I went over the settings in imp/config/server.php and found a
mistake.  I was using namespace instead of folders.  I noticed this when I
went to create a folder and saw all the folders in my user directory.  I
changed it to read 'folders' => 'Mail/' and that cut down the load time to
about 2-3 seconds total (a hell of a lot better than 10-15).  That was the
disk activity I was reporting in my first post.  

I've got another question.  You were talking about session management being
a concern.  I have configured horde to use mysql for session management.
Would this be faster than the default.  I have tried enabling/disabling this
but I don't see much of a difference. 

I'm going to continue to play with this and see if I can speed it up.  Thank
you for your suggestions.  Any other performance tips are welcome.

~ Chris 

Christopher Huyler
chris at huyler.net

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