[horde] weather and metar problem

Ilya mail at krel.org
Wed Mar 3 18:32:42 PST 2004

Mike, it didnt prompt me for anything. But I did got another tip to check
XML_Serializer, which as learned is a dependancy for weather package. I got
Serializer installed and also the packages it depends on, but still no luck.
I also tried to remove the keys but still neither weather no metar appear on my
layout. And no errors at all.

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 08:18:19AM -0700, Mike Bydalek wrote:
> Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:
> >IVe looked through archives and found my initial issue - no meta 
> >data. so i ran
> >the script and populated data base. now in metar i have drop down choices.
> >Even after I picked my location, and setup weatherdotcom with license key 
> >and
> >id, and new york,ny location - on main page i still dont get any 
> >indication of
> >the weather. no errors in php.log or apache log.
> >
> >what should i do next?
> When you did a 'pear install services_weather' did you get anything about 
> that
> it's recommended you install <package1>, <package2> etc?  If so, you 
> might want
> to install these as I believe they are required.  Additionally, I have heard
> reports of not using the license key or partner ID.  I don't even have the
> variables set in my conf.php:
> config]# grep weather *
> conf.php://$conf['weatherdotcom']['partner_id'] = '';
> conf.php://$conf['weatherdotcom']['license_key'] = '';
> Hope this helps.
> -Mike

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