[horde] weather and metar problem

Ilya mail at krel.org
Wed Mar 3 20:15:56 PST 2004

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 11:02:04PM -0500, Rick Emery wrote:
> Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:
> >all my packages are up to date according to pear upgrade-list.
> >
> >I did find something interesting thing: I moved the metar to the 
> >first position
> >in Layout and it came up on the screen (just no data) - how do i update it?
> Once you select a location (in the layout screen), it should update
> automatically.

doesnt happen for me for some reason.

> >After moving weatherdotcom to second position everything after and 
> >including it
> >disappeared. Since I had weatherdotcom and metar on last positions it 
> >explains
> >why only metar was siuffering.
> >Not sure yet why weatherdotcom is causing this problem, no errors so 
> >far in any
> >logs.
> This has been discussed before, but I can't remember what the fix was. Check
> the archives for this list and the dev list. If I remember what the fix was,
> I'll post it.

I couldnt find anything. I did get down to this:
Horde::logMessage('LLL', __FILE__, __LINE__, PEAR_LOG_ERR);
            return PEAR::raiseError(
                _("No temporary directory available for cache."),
        } else {
Horde::logMessage('LLLK', __FILE__, __LINE__, PEAR_LOG_ERR);
                array("cache_dir" => ($cacheDir . '/')));
Horde::logMessage('LLLL', __FILE__, __LINE__, PEAR_LOG_ERR);

in the log LLLK is the last message. so dies somewhere in the else.

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