[horde] weather and metar problem

Rick Emery rick at emery.homelinux.net
Thu Mar 4 05:49:16 PST 2004

Quoting Ilya <mail at krel.org>:

> commenting out these lines, allows the weather to show up, am I breaking
> something?
>    $weatherDotCom->setCache("file",
>                 array("cache_dir" => ($cacheDir . '/')));

The caching is pretty important. weather.com has very strict rules about how
often a user can poll the site for weather info; using Services_Weather's
caching routines obeys these rules. It would probably be better to try to
figure out why caching in the temporary directory is failing than to run
without it.

> this is what i have in conf.php:
> $conf['cache']['default_lifetime'] = 1800;
> $conf['cache']['params']['dir'] = Horde::getTempDir();
> $conf['cache']['driver'] = 'file';

This looks like mine, except I have a directory explicitly listed (instead of

> I tried to set dir to /tmp or /var/tmp, didnt work. Printing out the 
> cache dir
> from the weatherdotcom.php always shows /tmp.

Does the user your web server runs as have permission to write to the /tmp
directory? (I think it's the user your web server runs as that has to have
write permission. I'm cc'ing the horde list for the archives, so I hope
someone will correct me if I'm wrong).


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