[horde] imp and blacklists

Andrew Falgout Andrew.Falgout at usm.edu
Fri Mar 5 07:21:15 PST 2004

Any suggestions on where to go for debugging from here?  It appears 
blacklists are not functioning on my installation.  Any suggestions on 
what I could check for diagnostics or error messages? Or perhaps a 
configuration I missed?

Thank You,

Andrew Wilson Falgout (RHCE)
Systems Admin  II, TIU
University of Southern Mississippi
Office:  (601) 266-5603
Fax:  (601) 266-6788

Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von Andrew Falgout <Andrew.Falgout at usm.edu>:
>> When I check an email and click the blacklist link, it doesn't create a
>> filter at all.  Was it suppose to create a filter rule?  Send me to
>> another screen to validate the filter?
> Both, actually.
> Jan.
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