[horde] Patches

Aaron Paetznick aaronp at critd.com
Sun Mar 7 02:06:04 PST 2004

I use customized versions of horde, imp, turba, kronolith, and nag.  I 
find the easiest way to upgrade to the latest versions is to apply the 
patches and manually fix the *.rej files, versus customizing a version 
from scratch each time.  Sometimes patches aren't available for the 
newest versions.  For example, currently there is a patch for imp from 
v3.2.2 to v3.2.3, but there is no patch available for any of the other 
packages for their latest versions.

Can somebody either create those patches and make them available on the 
FTP site, or tell me how to create those patches myself?  I'm using 
Linux and am not afraid of learning diff.  Thanks.


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