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On 05/apr/04, at 05:24, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> (some of it sort of sounds like a customized Turba, too)

reagent overlaps with both thor (didn't know it, thanks for
reporting) and turba. Reagent became actually a need after
unsuccessfully trying to carry out its reqs with a Turba
While I didn't have time enough to check out extensively Thor's
sources, I think I can say Reagent's goal is quite different from
thor's one.

After the former post, a couple of people notified their
interest to me and offered their help. Thanks!
[ I will contact you as soon as I'll turn back on reagent. I'm quite
busy on other things these days and will be for the next 3-4 weeks.]

> I'd be curious to see the code and whatever else you have.

I like horde's recommendations about OOP (and coding conventions etc).
I have some code so far, primarily the basic objects User, Admin,
UsersList, ProjectsList, VCard (this keeps people's contacts) and a half
of the Database object which directly interacts with the database.
I'm not going to provide APIs or design a modular backend driver (I use
pear, and it's unlikely to store those infos on something which's not an
actual db). This could be a TODO for a future version though.

I'm quite new to php, and coming from Java I feel quite bad with php4 OO
model. I have to say that I *really, really* miss php5 (particularly
for interfaces
and arument passing).

I have everything on CVS. I'm gonna provide access to anyone interested
soon as I'll got something working at least in the very basic state (at
the moment
I don't even got a reagent/index.php).


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