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Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Mon Apr 5 16:03:13 PDT 2004

 From deep within my mailbox...

Quoting "Ivan Zilic Schmidt - Maingroup Inc." <ivan.zilic at maingroup.net>:

> Browsing the web i found http://www.inbox.lv They have a great 
> modified horde +
> imp running there. There are some features i found great for example:
> * Signup process is great
> * Signup data as birth date and a security question are stored in the horde
> database and can be changed from the options in horde menu.

Seems pretty site specific - might be nice to have as examples.

> * They made a fetch mail option, so u can get e-mail from other pop3-imap
> accounts

This fetchmail option most likely came from Nuno Loureiro's fetchmail 
code from
2 years ago (and is located in IMP HEAD, ur.. 3.0 - man it feels good to
finally say that!)

> * Graphical quota

Already in 3.0.

> * Advertisement right in the inbox (great for free mail sites)

Implemented via midas (http://www.horde.org/midas/)?

> * As in standard IMP there is a little book near addresses when viewing a
> message, they have a little "stop sign" that will add a rule to block all
> future
> messages from that address

Might be useful, but we already have blacklist/whitelist links and putting too
many icons on the address bar will clutter it unnecessarily IMHO.

> * Hint bar with messages telling about the features and the way to 
> manage those
> features

This sounds kind of nifty - I wonder if mottle could be use for this sort of


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