[horde] Two Quick ones...

Chris Bowlby chris at hub.org
Tue Apr 6 11:15:54 PDT 2004

Hi Jan, 

 Thanks for the info, one last question in relation to the shared
calander, how do I actually connect to it from another account. We've
figured out how to enable it, but we are not certain how we can connect
to it through another account on the system..

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 15:01, Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Chris Bowlby <chris at hub.org>:
> > Hi All,
> >
> >  Good to see that the horde project is progressing very well, but I've
> > got a couple of questions:
> >
> >  What is the current status of shared calendaring? is it work? almost
> > there? or still along way away?
> http://lists.horde.org/archives/announce/2004/000090.html
> >  And the last question, how can I make use of the MIMP application, I've
> > got an interest in using it, but not sure where to start on getting it
> > into place..
> Download (http://horde.org/source/) and install it (docs/INSTALL).
> Jan.
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