[horde] Server Errors

Sascha Ferley Sascha.Ferley at infineon.net
Wed Apr 7 00:02:50 PDT 2004


Anyone might have any idea of why i get the following error. The log file
is very non discriptive as in non-logging it.
Server Error
The following error occurred:

[code=SERVER_RESPONSE_CLOSE] The server closed the connection while
reading the response. Contact your system administrator.
Please contact the administrator.

I get this for instance when i log into horde, using horde with imap
authentication and then go to the configuration menu to go through the
individual configuration app menu. The error occurs when i select an app
that has all the other config files already setup, aswell as apps which
haven't been configured at all ..

If this has something to do with the database backend, i have it currently
setup to go through mysql, though still looking for documentation to set
it up to work with postgresql (incase anyone has a pointer there, as i get
other errors around there with horde_prefs non existent, etc..)

Please let me know

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