[horde] LDAP directory server password

K.S.Mutthu Kumaar ksmutthu at auroville.org.in
Thu Apr 8 06:29:14 PDT 2004

Dear All,

There is one problem with my sendmail/LDAP/apache/turba/horde/imp 
installation for our mail server.

mail server sendmail
SMTP authentication through LDAP,
Turba/Horde/imp setup for web based e-mail checking.

We have provided an option so that the user can change their password. 
This is happening for the linux system, but not for the LDAP database.  
I came to this conclusion because, I do not see any database file change 
in the ldap database. But If do a password change using directory 
administrator for ldap then I am noticing the LDAP database files get 
the latest updated time and date.

I have no idea on why this is happening.  Does any one have an idea on 
how does this work?


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