[horde] ingo + sieve

Ivan Zilic Schmidt - Maingroup Inc. ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
Sun Apr 11 11:44:19 PDT 2004


Im having some problems with INGO, im using ingo-RELENG-2004-04-11.tar.gz with
horde 2.2.4 and SIEVE. If u need any of my config files or anything else,
please let me know.

The problem i have is this:

1) Whitelist doesnt work at all, when i put any address in the whitelist the
sieve script is not modified
2) When i make a rule from scratch the rule is correctly saved and the sieve
script is modified according to that rule, thats OK!, but when i try to make a
second rule, using the button "new rule" i get my first rule in "edit mode" and
if i modify that then the script is made but with the new rule and the first
rule goes away.

I need help with this, INGO is very important to me.

Best regards

Ivan Zilic Schmidt
Maingroup Inc.
ivan.zilic at maingroup.net
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