[horde] Patch - MIME Driver MsWord better with Windows andlatest wvWare

LRM lrm at ionline.com.br
Mon May 3 06:02:13 PDT 2004

Greetings Jan!

Well the issue with this patch for me was that the ported version of wvHtml
for windows, wvWare.exe, didn't work with any of the previous coded command

The linux version of vHtml is a shell script only, while the ported version
wvWare.exe looks for an output file (wvHtml.xml) which tells the program in
which format to output, hence the location attribute added to the command
line, since the xml format files are in the same dir as the executable file.

Also, on windows you have to redirect the output to a file, $tmp_output,
something that the previous command lines wont do, hence the "> $tmp_output"

I needed this code fix to make the wvHtml (wvWare on Win) work properly. Let
me know what you think, and if this would be the best way to do it.



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Zitat von LRM <lrm at ionline.com.br>:

> HEAD - Patch with updated Windows support for vwWare to convert Word files
> into HTML for online display. Just checks if its Windows OS and passes an
> updated command line to wvWare. Couldn't make it work on Window$ box
> this.

This patch doesn't make sense to me. It looks like the location parameter is
treated as a directory in the windows clause? And why did the original
version not work on Windows, what exactly was failing?


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