[horde] "Outside" modules to use with current ALPHA releases?

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Tue May 18 10:03:17 PDT 2004

My current beta soon-to-be-production server runs Courier 0.45.4 with
Horde (3.0 HEAD), IMP, Ingo, Sam, Turba, Klutz, Forwards and Vacation.

All the versions I'm running are from the CVS HEAD snaps of March 24th.

Given that the ALPHA releases came out only 2 weeks after that, I'd like
to move to the ALPHA releases, as I'm also moving the beta server to a
new Sun V210 server, which will then become our production mail server.

My quandary is simple - I can run Horde 3.0 ALPHA, IMP 4.0 Alpha, Ingo
1.0 ALPHA, and Turba 2.0 ALPHA, but we also use (most importantly) Sam,
Klutz, Forwards and Vacation.  There are no ALPHA releases for those
modules, although I recall seeing 2.2.1 versions of a couple of those
components (Forwards, vacation) released on the same date as the ALPHAs
(April 8th).  But those "new" 2.2.1 versions contained older code than
the March 24th HEAD versions of those same modules that I've been 
which makes me hesitant to use those with the ALPHA stuff.

Given that there's no longer an April 8th "snaps" directory, what 
of Sam/Klutz/Forwards/Vacation {are known to be compatible 
with}/{should I
be using with} these ALPHA components?

Thanks in advance,

	- Greg

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