[horde] Re: Problem with Server name local LAN and Internet

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue May 18 10:22:09 PDT 2004

Zitat von Andreas Oster <aoster at novanetwork.de>:

>>> Replace $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] with whatever returns the correct host name
>>> for all cases in registry.php or conf.php (depending on your Horde
>>> version).
>> Dear Jan,
>> thank you for your answer.
>> But now I have another question :)  If I get you right it is possible to
>> assign two/multiple values to $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']. I looked in 
>> the conf.php for an instruction how to do this but unfortunately 
>> there was no explanation. Do I have to do something like
>> $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] = array('LAN-name', 'web-name'); ???
> sorry for the typo, it should have been
> $conf['server']['name'] = array('LAN-name', 'web-name');

No, this must always contain a single value. Either replace it with a
variable the contains the correct host name (try $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] for
example) or use a function that returns the correct value based on


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