[horde] "Outside" modules to use with current ALPHA releases?

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Tue May 18 11:39:25 PDT 2004

On May 18, 2004, at 7:26 PM +0200, Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Given that there's no longer an April 8th "snaps" directory, what
>> versions of Sam/Klutz/Forwards/Vacation {are known to be compatible
>> with}/{should I be using with} these ALPHA components?
> http://horde.org/source/versions.php
> In your case you need to update all modules to a newer CVS checkout or
> snapshot.

I had read that page before, but upon seeing this:

"If you are not using the CVS HEAD version of Horde and you would like
  to try out a specific application from CVS HEAD, you MUST either
  upgrade Horde and all applications that you are using to CVS HEAD, or
  install Horde HEAD separately for use with any HEAD applications that
  you wish to test.  You can not just download one application from CVS
  HEAD and expect it to work with other versions of Horde.

Horde 3.0-ALPHA

     * IMP 4.0-ALPHA
     * Turba 2.0-ALPHA
     * Ingo 1.0-ALPHA
     * Chora 2.0-ALPHA
     * Kronolith 2.0-ALPHA
     * Nag 2.0-ALPHA
     * Mnemo 2.0-ALPHA"

I had assumed that this meant that the only way I could use current
HEAD versions of the other components I need would be to use Horde
3.0 (HEAD) instead of Horde 3.0-ALPHA, which is what I don't want to
do at the moment.  (It would give my management more warm fuzzies
to say I was using ALPHA versions of components for our production
mail server than if I said "Oh, just some CVS HEAD snapshots of the
last day I was working on it" ;-)  )

Ideally, I guess, I suppose that the best thing would be if I could
get snapshots of Sam, Klutz, Forwards and Vacation from April 2nd,
the same date of the ALPHA releases (not April 8th - my mistake, oops).
(Right???  Or just try and see if my March 24th HEAD snaps still work?)
But the snapshots are only kept for 1 week on the Horde site; does
anyone keep older snapshots of CVS HEAD anywhere???

(I'm also curious why there were no ALPHA releases of Sam, Klutz,
  Forwards, Vacation etc. etc. on April 2nd as well?)


	- Greg

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