[horde] multiple horde servers?

Adrian Chadd adrian at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Wed May 19 18:59:55 PDT 2004

On Wed, May 19, 2004, Jeff Warnica wrote:
> Perhaps you should first ask how to do want to do, rather then how to do
> a particular action.
> If what you want to do is web server load balancing, doing that in the
> web app logic would be, well insane. What I think you want is a "layer
> 4" switch - and that is not at all related to the web app. Going on that
> assumption: 

Its not too insane, actually.  its a single application, everyone is
going to go to webmail.uwa.edu.au in order to access said application,
and the connections are going to be persistent (ie a given client
will talk to a given webmail server for the lifetime of their login.)

Given that, I can just redirect webmail.uwa.edu.au to
webmail-{1,2,3,x}.uwa on login. Throw in a bit of code to only redirect
to servers which are up and not loaded and I've saved myself the LVS/L4
switch setup.

I'll post the redirector code if people are interested. I've done it
before for other web applications, just not with horde. I simply wanted
to know whether horde would work with a shared preferences/session
database and some other posts have confirmed this.

Thanks everyone.


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