[horde] Re: Help with horde 3.0 install...

Neuro NItrate Web Design design at neuronitrate.com
Thu May 20 12:17:23 PDT 2004

I will admit I am a bit ignorant here but I have seen others with this
installed... Here is an example of their test file:

I think the biggest problem we are facing is that we have several clients
that need to download and upload folders to their email. The version we are
running only allows the downloading of folders.

I reverted back to the old version of horde on our server now but I could
not get the aforementioned one to install, lots of path errors and such when
trying to find stuff in the framework directories.



On 5/20/04 11:43 AM, in article
20040520144335.h67mb6s080w408gs at marina.horde.org, "Chuck Hagenbuch"
<chuck at horde.org> wrote:

> Quoting Neuro NItrate Web Design <design at neuronitrate.com>:
>> I have run in to this stubmling block while installing 3.0 Alpha...
>> Can anyone give me some pointers as to what is going wrong?
>> http://web.megahosters.com/horde
> Nothing, except that that's not Horde 3.0.
> -chuck
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