[horde] New Sidebar Block Issues

Andrew Coleman mercury at appisolutions.net
Wed Aug 11 12:22:23 PDT 2004

Upon further inspection, it seems that the expanded_folders preference  
seems to be the culprit if not a contributing factor...

Even deeper in the tree, it seems as though the tree is being built,  
but not displayed at all...

n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['label'] = 'Login\'s and  
n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['indent'] = '2';
n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['expanded'] = '';
n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['icon'] =  
n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['icondir'] =  
n_horde_menu['impINBOX.Login's and Passwords']['url'] =  

This guy has some folders with spaces, apostrophes, and parenthesis.  
 From the menu url, it seems like the escaped characters are not being  
converted properly from php/javascript escaped characters to html  
escaped characters... Surely this isn't the only reason that the menu  
is not displayed?

Andrew Coleman

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