[horde] versions

Barsalou barjunk at attglobal.net
Thu Sep 2 18:22:13 PDT 2004

Thanks Jan.

I'm working on an install script and it started me thinking about how to
handle an upgrade.

I'll stick to straight initial install for now with updating in the back
of my head.

Is there currently a function that gets the module version from the
version.php file?  I saw the one for conf files etc, but the module
versions seem to be handled a little differently.  I could easily put
one together to get the version number from version.php.

I am going to need it eventually.

My understanding about the install script is that it should handle a
command something like:

php go-horde.php

then ask the user some questions about the install.  I got this
information from the bounty page.

Currently I have a process that given a set of modules, it will download
tar files from a pre-designated location (snaps/latest for now) and
untar them to a pre-designated location.

I will be adding SQL database creation and minor initial setup next.

At what point should I post it?

Mike B.

Barsalou <barjunk at attglobal.net>

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