[horde] Blank page after login

Tom Conway tom at tecsol.org
Thu Sep 2 18:36:02 PDT 2004

I get a blank login page, here are the results from test.php
imap authentication with mysql backend

Horde Versions
Horde: 2.2.5
IMP: 3.2.5 (run IMP tests)
Turba: 1.2.2
PHP Version
View phpinfo() screen
PHP Version: 4.3.8
PHP Major Version: 4.3
PHP Minor Version: 8
PHP Version Classification: release
You are running a supported version of PHP.
PHP Module Capabilities
DOM XML Support: Yes
FTP Support: Yes
Gettext Support: Yes
IMAP Support: Yes
LDAP Support: No
MCAL Support: No
Mcrypt Support: No
MySQL Support: Yes
PostgreSQL Support: Yes
XML Support: Yes

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