[horde] blank subject and text

John Watson jpwatson at adelphia.net
Mon Oct 4 00:58:23 PDT 2004

I have recently put up these packages on Redhat Linux 9:

  horde 2.2.3

  imp 3.2.1

  php 4.2.2

  imap 2001a


When I use IMP to send an email to another address within my domain, it
frequently (but not always) happens that the recipient gets a message in
which the "subject" and the message text have been blanked out.  And the
"sender" is sometimes represented as the text string "To: John Doe" rather
than just "John Doe" (John Doe being the actual sender.)  Sometimes the
intended recipient does not receive the email at all.


If I use a POP client instead of IMP, these things do not happen, but I
don't really want to use the POP client.


Can anyone suggest what's going on?


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