[horde] Re: Horde CVS Slow!

Francesco Consumi consumi at minori.it
Tue Oct 5 01:46:40 PDT 2004

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Francesco Consumi <consumi at minori.it>:
>> is there any parameter that I could tune up ? :-)
> You could start with the documentation. docs/PERFORMANCE, perhaps.
> -chuck

I've done it.

- installed Turck mmcache
- converted mbox to maildir, and installed courier IMAP instead of uw-imap
- I've already using mysql with unix socket.

New Horde is ever slow, slow, slow, especially opening mail messages. 
Apache 2.0.52 uses 100% of CPU.

what can I do again ?

Horde CVS 2004-10-03.
Dual P3/700, 512 MB Ram, Debian Sarge, Apache 2.0.52, php 4.3.8-12, 
Courier IMAP, Mysql 4.0.21-3, Kernel 2.6.8-1-686-smp

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