[horde] Themes (icon set)

Mats Djärf md at webbplatsen.se
Tue Oct 5 07:51:36 PDT 2004

that's right ...you said that "we will sort this out _later_".
I don't know when _later_ is. I interpreted your answered that this 
"bug" was low priority.

I have disabled;
$theme_icons = array('horde', 'imp', ......
...and I will be glad when I can enabled it.

I prefere icon themes instead of overwrite original icons of course!

<: mats

* on 10/05/2004 04:37 PM Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Mats Djärf <md at webbplatsen.se>:
>> yes, I read the tutorial but all icons is not shown when I tried to use
>> icon themes.
>> I reported this bug.
> You said that *some* icons did not show up, and I replied that we would 
> sort
> this out.
> Jan.

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