[horde] Re: Horde CVS Slow!

Francesco Consumi consumi at minori.it
Wed Oct 6 03:24:47 PDT 2004

Francesco Consumi ha scritto:
> Scrive Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org>:
>> All you can do is figure out where it's slow, what specifically is 
>> slow, and
>> come to us with specific code or reproducible things to optimize.
> the slower operation is opening messages: about *5* seconds to open, in an
> optimal situation: when I'm the only user on the server and a 100 mbit 
> network
> for me only.
Hi all,

I've found where is the problem opening messages: if I disable the mail 
logging functionality ($conf['maillog']['use_maillog'] = false;), the 
messages are being opened very fast.
But I don't understand why in older horde this functionality wasn't 
disturbing at all.

suggestions ? :-)


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