[horde] Stumpted on installation

H. Carter Harris carter-lists at technettn.net
Sat Oct 9 05:15:17 PDT 2004

I've been using the HordeHEADHowTo from the Horde Wiki to create a new
install of Horde, IMP, Jonah, Kronolith, etc.

I got everying installed, and created the databases without a problem.  When
I go to the site, I get the "Welcome, Administrator" screen with the modules
listed down the left hand side.  But when I try to access IMP, I get the

---- Begin Msg
Some of IMP's configuration files are missing or unreadable


This is the main IMP configuration file. It contains paths and options for
the IMP scripts. If there is only a conf.xml file in
/home/domain_name/public_html/webmail2/horde/imp/config, you need to login
as an administrator and create the file with the web frontend under
"Administration => Configuration".

Create these files from their .dist versions in
/home/twoyanks_com/public_html/webmail2/horde/imp/config and change them
according to your needs.
---- End Msg

The HowTo indicates there is a step in the installation following the
creation of config files and the database with the following line:

Horde-->login-->Configuration--><modulename> Creates a conf.php, copy this
to horde/<modulename>/config/conf.php

The first message is correct--conf.php has not been created.  There is a
conf.xml file but I don't know how to use it.   As indicated I can get a
screen but there is not a place to login; it appears I'm already logged in
as administrator. Is there any information available that gives more detail
on this step?  I've googled and looked at the wiki and website but have not
found anything helpful.

Thanks in advance,


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