[horde] Stumpted on installation

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Sat Oct 9 05:53:43 PDT 2004

Thanks for the reply, Vilius.

The options on the menu are Horde, Mail, Organizing, Development, Information, Office, My Account, Web Site, Log out.  Administration does not appear as a link.  I expanded all the menus too.  I did not login but it appears that I am.  I did not go through a login screen and I got to the "Welcome, Administrator" screen with url = /domain.name/webmail2/horde/login.php.

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Cituojama "H. Carter Harris" <carter-lists at technettn.net>:

> Horde-->login-->Configuration--><modulename>

When you are logged in, look for the Administration link in left menu. 
There you
can find Configuration section for all modules.

    Best Regards,

    Vilius Sumskas
    LNK TV system administrator
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