[horde] Horde 3.0 Alpha error after install

Thomas O'Brien thomas at creativebusinessystems.com
Sat Oct 9 08:12:26 PDT 2004

 Do you have a phpinfo.php page and a /horde/test.php I can get to?

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I am having some trouble with my Horde 3 setup.  I am installing on Windows
2000.  The installation appeared to go well following the docs in the wiki.
The only explanation I can think of for redefining is that I somehow
double-installed the framework?  My PHP and Pear folders appear proper, no
duplicate files.. it's all weird.

When I log in, I get the following error.  If I reload my page, the error
goes away and I am taken to my inbox with more errors at the

After login:
Notice: Constant HELP_SOURCE_RAW already defined in
c:\PHP\pear\Horde\Help.php on line 4

Notice: Constant HELP_SOURCE_FILE already defined in
c:\PHP\pear\Horde\Help.php on line 7

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class help in c:\PHP\pear\Horde\Help.php on
line 24

Top of Inbox in IMP:

Notice: Undefined index: filteravail in E:\web\horde\imp\mailbox.php on line

Notice: Undefined index: tasklistavail in E:\web\horde\imp\lib\IMP.php on
line 490


Horde Version

    * Horde: 3.0-ALPHA

Horde Applications

    * Horde: 3.0-ALPHA
    * Imp: 4.0-ALPHA (run Imp tests)
    * Ingo: 1.0-cvs (run Ingo tests)
    * Mnemo: 2.0-cvs
    * Nag: 2.0-cvs
    * Passwd: 3.0-cvs
    * Turba: 2.0-cvs (run Turba tests)
    * Vacation: 2.2.1
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