[horde] LDAP preferences

Hans E. Kristiansen hans at tropic.net
Fri Oct 15 04:15:44 PDT 2004

I am using horde version 2.2.6, with imp and passwd.

The mail server is cyrus imap with accounts maintained in ldap, and sendmail 
8.13.1, just for your reference.

The problem is quite simple. I log in as my "username", and horde correctly 
authenticates through the imap server. However, when horde tries to get the 
preferences from the ldap server, is actually using the form 
username at mydomain.net, which is wrong, since there are no entries for that 
dn in the ldap server. The expected format is dn: 
uid=username,dc=mydomain,dc=net, not dn: 
uid=username at mydomain.net,dc=mydomain,dc=net

I have spent a few minutes trying to find where to replace the "$user" with 
"$userid", the latter being the login id, which in my case should be the 
correct one.

Please advice.


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