[horde] SQL Authentication Issue

Matt T matt10t at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 26 12:04:56 PDT 2004


I'm having some problems with horde.  I have a mysql database created using 
\scripts\db\mysql_create.sql  I have also entered a user name and password 
into the horde_users table.  I have also configured  \config\horde.php to 
the following:

$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'sql';

$conf['prefs']['driver'] = 'sql';

$conf['prefs']['params']['phptype'] = 'mysql';
$conf['prefs']['params']['hostspec'] = 'localhost';
$conf['prefs']['params']['username'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['password'] = 'mypassword';
$conf['prefs']['params']['database'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['table'] = 'horde_prefs';

This is the following error that I get after trying to login:

A fatal error has occurred:

Required 'phptype' not specified in authentication configuration.

[line 97 of C:\Program Files\Apache 

Details have been logged for the administrator.

I have gone to \lib\Auth\sql.php and can't seem to find what I to modify.  
I'm assuming I need to set 'auth' equal to mysql somewhere like I did for 
'prefs' above, but I have no idea where.  Any help would be greatly 
appreciated.  Sorry if this question has already been answered in the past, 
but I can't seem to find it after many google searches.  I'm also running 
horde 2.2.6


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