[horde] User id numbers

Richard Wallace rwallace at thewallacepack.net
Tue Oct 26 14:59:34 PDT 2004

Jan Schneider wrote:
> Summary: The main purpose of the hooks is to convert usernames from the
> authentication backend to Horde and back.

Alright then, unless I'm misunderstanding our goals are different.  What 
I want is for Horde to use one unique identifier for associating a user 
with data (prefs, groups, etc.), but another thing for logins and 
displaying.  In my scenario the user would never see the id that horde 
uses to identify them, they'd only see some pretty string (which is also 
unique to them, but needs to be easily changeable).  So it seems that 
what I probably want is to only have the frombackend() hook called 
wherever the user name is to be displayed.  Then the frombackend() hook 
will take the users id (which is what horde is using for storing prefs 
and other things) and convert it to some pretty string, like a user name.

Guess I'll need to do some customization to get that to work, thanks.

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