[horde] datatree is too large

Rong-En Fan rafan at csie.org
Mon Nov 1 04:18:39 PST 2004

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 11:54:48AM +0100, Jan Schneider wrote:
> >my horde/imp runs very slow in recently days. and mysql is running
> >very hard. I found that most mysqld are sorting results from
> >datatree* tables and those table are very large (datatree contains
> >580,000 entries). Is there any possible way to solve this?
> >
> >my Horde, imp, turba, ingo, kronolith are July 23's CVS HEAD
> >mysqld is 4.0.21 running on localhost
> >CPU is Dual P4 2.8G and 3G ram
> Try turning off the history tracking in IMP and remove existing IMP history
> entries from the datatree table.

Ah! that's the trick. entries in datatree reduces from 580K to 5K.
The speed is very good. Thanks :)


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