[horde] themes

Brian Martinez martinez_brain at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 09:53:55 PST 2004


Just noted that a menu thickness mismatch between the following applications 
and the left-hand menu:  wiki, rakim, ansel, volos, troll, vilma, nag, 
mnemo, genie, trean, chora, thor, luxor, nic, mottle, jonah, occam, goops, 
klutz, sesha, accounts, gollem, forwards, passwd, jeta and vacation.  This 
only appears using the following themes:  kolab, blue&white, cornflower, and 

The menu colors do not follow the theme with the following themes:  azur, 
barbie, bluemoon, brown, burntorange, camo, cornflower, green, lavendar, 
lightblue, loyola, postnuke, simplex, and teal.

Default, Azur, Mozilla, and NeXT seem to be fully operational.


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