[horde] Horde translation (problems)

Flavio Caetano cae2-vpopmail at curitibaonline.com.br
Wed Dec 29 11:17:44 PST 2004

 Hi, I'm using horde a long time, and this week I have upgraded to 3.0 version 
(with IMP H3/ Turba H3/ Kronolith H3).

But now I'm getting problems with translation, I'm a brazillian and my config 
is for Horde in Portuguese language ($nls['defaults']['language'] = 'pt_BR';)

Ok, When I log into horde *sometimes* the left menu still in English, after a 
refresh (F5) shows in Portuguese, but this happens many times... In some 
cases I need to refresh 5 or more times to show the things in Portuguese, and 
even after this, for some unknow reason comes back to english after a 

My server is a Debian woody with Apache 1.3.33 / PHP 4.3.10

Debian woody just have gettext 0.10, so I make a manual upgrade to 0.14 (but 
the problems still exists)

Any tips?


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