[horde] Installation horde 3.0 problem

Hongwei Li hongwei at wustl.edu
Thu Dec 30 11:47:40 PST 2004


I just downloaded horde 3.0 and install the tarball on my fc3 linux system.

After extracting the files, I setup the database following the
instraction, and I check the database horde in mysql, no error.  Then, I
browse http://my-web-server/horde/
It displays the horde home. I click Setup, then the Home. It displays all
tabs.  According to the documents, I did the following:

Database -- I entered the password when I setup the horde database
Authetication -- Administrator,horde,hongwei
                 imap Authentication
                 separate values
                 localhost, 143
I did not touch/change other tabs.  Then, I click "Generate Horde
Configuration", it shows "successfully...".  In the system shell, I see
the file config.php changed as I set from the web.

Then, I click Logout, and it displays the Login page.  However, I could
not login.  Is there anything wrong?  What to do next?  Basically, I want
to use imp.  Can I ignore this login page and continue installing imp?

Thanks for all help!

Hongwei Li

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