[horde] cpu usage 80-85 in imp Urgent

Joel n.solanki zealous at bonbon.net
Sun Jan 2 01:03:53 PST 2005

Dear List,

I am having a very problem with imp.
My os is Redhat 9.
My imp is configured for authentication against imap (wu-imap)

When a user login via imp webmail then my machine uses 80-85% cpu. I
thought it would be the problem of imap. But after testing...

when a user logins via outlook express via imap connection the cpu usage
for that id is only 7 to 10 %.

I am not able to solve this problem. My webmail is running. I have
restart my services every 10 -15 mins.. coz if 5 to 7 users connects
through webmail. My machine gets mad.

Plz help me.Urgent help. 
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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