[horde] Problems with Horde and authentication

Hermit klowther at cisnet.com
Sun Jan 2 17:18:01 PST 2005

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Hermit wrote:
>> Define "breaks". ;-)
>> Ken
> Good point.  The breakage is such that a successful login results
> in being returned to the login screen.  There are no errors in the
> logs for horde, mail or apache indicating a possible problem.  It
> is really aggravating, since the mail.log line says something to
> the effect of "login successful", but Horde kicks me right back out.

I experienced something similar when I was having trouble with session 
variables.  Somehow, since I was using RPM's, I had gotten a broken version of 
PEAR.  Last I tried I could not use the db to store sessions or I would get the 
same thing.  I think I have to use the default php session stuff.


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