[horde] Problems with Horde and authentication

Hermit klowther at cisnet.com
Sun Jan 2 17:51:48 PST 2005

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

> Does this have to do with the new session management stuff? What files
> do I need to modify?

I'm already in over my head here. ;-)  I am using the Head version.  I noticed 
the same thing though when I had problems.  In my case I had to reload the 
server because of the broken pear.  But, if I change my sessions to anything 
other than letting php handle it, I get the same problem you are having now.  I 
can see I 'authed' in the logs, but get dumped to login.  I was just trying to 
give some pointers because the people that know what they are doing generally 
aren't online this time of day.


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