[horde] cpu usage 80-85 in imp Urgent

Jinhyok Heo novembre+dated+1105148403.bbfbbf at ournature.org
Sun Jan 2 17:59:13 PST 2005

As Jeff mentioned, UW-IMAP must be your enemy. You may find the high
load is made by imapd processes, with a command like 'top'.

I recently moved from sendmail with UW-IMAP(mbox) to postfix with
Courier-IMAP(maildir) because as my mailbox get bigger my server get
terribly slower. My server's load dropped and my email clients got
much faster, too. I got satisfied a lot.

I recommend you to change your imapd. There are also scripts available
so that your existing mboxes may be converted into maildir format ones
without problem.

Jinhyok (novembre @ ournature.org)
- Green Review Readers http://ournature.org/
- Centre for Energy Alternative http://energyvision.org/

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