[horde] Re: Azur theme update

Joost De Cock joost.decock at astrid.be
Wed Apr 20 23:22:48 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 17:41, Jan Schneider hurled the following on the 
> Zitat von Joost De Cock <joost.decock at astrid.be>:
> > I've upgraded the 'azur' theme for horde 3.0 since it wasn't looking too
> > good in the new version
> Thanks, but the patch didn't apply cleanly to the CVS version, so I
> guess you might have missed some changes or fixes that have been
> applied already.
> Can you create a new version or patch based on the latest file from CVS?

Guten Tag Jan (and hello to the list),

I made those changes right after 3.0 came out (at that time the azur theme was 
ugly in 3.0). I mailed them to the list, but since I wasn't subscribed, it 
came back.
As I was cleaning out my mailbox, I decided to join and mail it again, but I 
should have checked CVS first.
I must say I'm a bit dazzled to see that Chuck already fixed the theme. This 
must be what it feels like to find out that Michelangelo decided to improve a 
drawing you made in kindergarten :)



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