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Sat Apr 23 05:16:51 PDT 2005

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hi there!

i have a problem with this theme in my current installation:

    * Horde: 3.0.4
    * Imp: H3 (4.0.2) 
    * Ingo: H3 (1.0.1)     
    * Kronolith: H3 (2.0.2)
    * Nag: H3 (2.0.1)
    * Turba: H3 (2.0.2)
    * Vacation: 2.2.1

i attached two snippets with wrong colors.
for kronolith i tried to hack themes/screen.css and lib/DayView.php
and horde/themes/screen.css to get the right colors at the 
round corners of the event-box, but i failed :P

maybe anyone out there could help me to solve these little 
problems...seemed to be no big deal but i had a loooooong
night with this :S

but i found out what the problem is: if an eventbox gets displayed
on either day-view or week-view the background behind the round
corners is the body-background color!

in the old cvs version i have (that one looked right) this is
probably the bgcolor of either item1 or item2...?!

pleeeeaze help, anybody!

regardz luk

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