[horde] Your version of DB (1.7.6) is not recent enough

Ryan Evans revans at gie.com
Wed Apr 27 06:12:00 PDT 2005

for your 2nd question, you can just whack or rename your conf.php file, 
to say conf.php.old   then cp your conf.php.dist to conf.php  and start 
the config process over. 

for 1st question..  did you grab pear.1.3.x ? untar it to 
/usr/share/pear (at least thats whr mine is :)  ) 

anyway hope this helps...


Jeroen Lankheet wrote:

>Just started from scratch to install horde. The test page
>www.lankheet.com/horde/test.php reveals the message
>"Your version of DB (1.7.6) is not recent enough". 
>If I go to the http://pear.php.net/package/DB/download site, then I cannot
>see any newer version. 
>What should be done?
>2nd Question: How can I get back to Horde Administrator after finishing a
>(not working) configuration?

Ryan Evans
Systems Administrator
Gulf Interstate Engineering
revans at gie.com

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