[horde] no notes, calander or tasks

Eli Criffield eli at criffield.net
Thu Apr 28 14:02:46 PDT 2005

Fresh install, latest version of everything, address book and mail works fine.

When i add a note, task or calendar event, it gets added to the database
but doesn't show up when you try to view it.

For example the logs show:

Apr 28 15:54:40 HORDE [debug] [mnemo] Mnemo_Driver_sql::add(): INSERT INTO mnemo_memos (memo_owner, memo_id, memo_desc, memo_body, memo_category, memo_uid) VALUES ('eli', 'e904083e1a9d94f2f367832f4bc70d73', 'LSAKKJF;lasjkdf;alskfdj;lLLLALSLLS', 'LSAKKJF;lasjkdf;alskfdj;lLLLALSLLS', '', '20050428155440.f7e2o52ya34 at imp.electricshoes.com') [on line 170 of "/var/www/html/horde/mnemo/lib/Driver/sql.php"]

And that is in the database and works fine

But it doesn't show up when you "List Notes", there is no "SELECT" in the
log either?


This post looks very similar to my problem but I have a DataTree setup in
Horde and its writing stuff to those tables in mysql just fine, and a can
view it under Administration.

Any Ideas?


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